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So, project complete! I wish I had had the time to take better pictures of this baby (no pun intended) before it went over to its new owner! It ended up becoming gigantic, especially since it’s for an infant. But, since it’s so warm and cuddly I figure the bigger the better and now she can use it well into her toddler/kiddie years! The grandparents almost died when they saw it, and I also added in these yellow booties which I made a while back just as a little extra bit. 

They sent over a picture and she looks absolutely snug as a bug in the thing and the parents love it too. Making people happy makes me happy, so naturally I’m over the moon :) 

I just thought I'd let you know that I am also an auntie Erica. Just saying.
auntieericaproblems auntieericaproblems Said:

Awesome! The more Auntie Erica’s in the world, the better :) 

On to the next project!

A very good family friend’s daughter is having a baby girl soon! Since their last name is Pringle, I’ve been referring to the baby as the Pringlette. Random. So, now it’s gift time.

I found this stripe generator from Biscuits and Jam which I played around with for a bit until I found a combo I liked. So far I’m really loving how the pattern is looking, and it’s so soft - I’m using Carron Simply Soft so duh, implied.

And this is how productive one can be with an empty weekend and a full queue of Chuck on Netflix.

Hopefully it’ll get done before the Pringlette arrives! (Probably not, but we shall see!) 

Finished the TARDIS blanket! it came out so cute, and I’m super excited to send it over to Miss Lindsey

I still think the TARDIS is a little too stumpy, and I probably should have improvised some of that from the pattern I generated from KnitPro, but overall I think it came out really cute. I really love how the box pattern came out too - since it’s all one color, it gives a little extra something-something to the pattern.

Bigger and bigger! Can you believe this is for a 3 year old? I think I got a little crazy! #AuntieEricaProblems

The TARDIS blanket is definitely getting big. Onto the third skein! This will definitely not be too small for him.

Made my first Etsy sale this week! I’m so excited that this little guy has a home. He’s one of my favorites I’ve made!

Need to make some of these!

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Finished the TARDIS hat last night! Unfortunately, I forgot how much knitting stretches… Oh dear. Well, at least Mama Linds gets a hat too! 

Used the pattern from lunchboxofawesome to make the beanie. I’ll probably try and modify it to make it toddler-sized so, more pictures will come from this project! 

The TARDIS saga continues…

Taking a pause from the TARDIS blanket to knit a TARDIS HAT! My friend is doing a family Doctor Who costume and the littlest is going to be the TARDIS! It’s going to be adorable

Hopefully it fits him! Just started this morning so making good progress!